Our Home Generated Special Material Collection service helps residents properly recycle or dispose their unwanted items.

Do you have old cans of paint? Used motor oil? Outdated electronics?

If you were referred here from a public agency (city, county, township, or state government), it is likely that Waste Managment's At Your Door Special CollectionSM service manages a program for your community to collect hard-to-recycle items that are usually not allowed in the regular trash bins.

Acceptable materials in your area may include household chemicals, paint products, automotive chemicals and batteries, electronics, garden chemicals, swimming pool chemcials and universal materials. Our call center representatives will review with you all acceptable materials for your specific area.

2 easy ways to schedule a collection of your household generated special materials:

  1. Schedule online 

  2. Call toll free 1-800-449-7587 (M-F, 5am-5pm PST)